meet our founder

Maria Galvan

 Everything started out in a small garage in San Antonio, TX where our founder Maria Galvan made every single apron by hand. It all happened when she realized that she wanted to keep her clothes clean and still look sharp while working behind the bar. First she made a few aprons for herself, and the constant compliments finally motivated her to start selling them.

The craftsmanship spoke for itself and after the first year, she was outfitting the best restaurants and bars in the city. Soon, Maria started making one-of-a-kind and fully handcrafted aprons for some of the most recognizable bartenders at the time. Eight years later, Lucio is currently being worn in more than 10 different countries and continues to break the norm of a conventional apron.

Out of our love for design and cocktails, we have worked endlessly to bring you an apron that inspires. The gear that makes you look good, speaks to your brand, that feels like a part of your wardrobe and says GAME ON!

Always stylish. Always exceptional.

thank you for being here

nice to mee you!

Hi! I am so thankful that you are here and that you are giving yourself the time to get to know me and my brand. I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex. When I was 14 years old, I moved with my family to Texas, where I went to Highschool. Right after, I embarked on a personal journey and landed in San Francisco at the Academy of Art Institute, where I studied Industrail Design. While studying, I worked as a server and eventually moved my way to bartending. I instantly fell in love with crafting cocktails and creating new concoctions. I was working all the time and soon, my entire wardrobe was filled with simple syrup and stains that were impossible to remove.

I like looking good alright! Finding a stylish apron that fit me, became impossible so I started making my own. I only wore them for a few weeks before all my co-workers wanted one aaaaand that's how LUCIO was born.

I am immensely grateful for every single one of you that has supported my vision and has been part of my journey. Your feedback, your kind words and your constant support has filled my hear in ways I never imagine.


carefully designed with you in mind

handmade in small batches

We take pride in what we do! Our biggest commitment as a brand is to create a product that can stand the hustle behind the bar. Going home with sticky clothes was not an option for us anymore. What do you do when you make 100+ cocktails a night and want to look stylish?

You come to us!

there's no trick

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